Life coaching

Learn what you have been through
Does not define who you are

Identify your values and goals

In a depressed state it is often impossible to fathom long term values and goals. I can teach you the tools to not only consider these goals but how to make them a reality.

Everything happens for a reason

It took me 35 years to understand why I had to go through what I did. I can show you how pain has a purpose!

Learn to love yourself

As a teenager and young adult I hated myself and all my imperfections. Now I love who I am, I can show you how to love yourself too

Learning how to manage stress

Despite what everyone else says, it is okay to be angry! I can show you how to give that anger a positive purpose!

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Our agency conducts training to prospective foster and adoptive parents interested in providing care for children placed in foster care. During the Spring 2016 training program for prospective parents we had the opportunity to present Michael Olivieri during one of the training sessions.

Michael’s perspective on his experience in the foster care system provided our prospective parents with a unique opportunity to learn of the impact foster care had in shaping who he is today.

The open and honest portrayal of his personal experiences gave our prospective parents a look at what it was truly like for a child growing up in the foster care system.

Michael’s style is candid and straightforward and he is easily approachable. His presentation was informative and insightful, generating thoughtful questions from our prospective parents.

I trust your audience would come away with a different understanding of the influence foster care can have on an individual.

Jeanette R.

Jeanette R.

Ulster County DSS

Michael is a fantastic speaker and he touched the lives of so many of students. We are incredibly grateful to him for coming such a long distance to speak at our Diversity week, share his personal journey in life, and motivate our students.

Our school is extremely impoverished and our students are in constant struggle.

For Michael to come speak and share a story that is so similar to that of many of students meant the world to us and also helps to motivate our students that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

His story is that of pain, hardship and struggle, but one that leads to hope and happiness. Our students were able to empathize with him and many have reached out to him and are still in contact.

He is a phenomenal speaker and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an inspirational speaker.

Sarah A.

Sarah A.

Bartlett High School

I received an email containing Michael’s information about his motivational speaking business and pitched it to my administrators and decided to go for it. Hands down, best decision we have made this school year!

The students who were able to hear him speak gained such vital pieces of guidance that wouldn’t have been received in a different setting. Michael was able to easily connect with our students, resonate with their experiences and then show them how to overcome their adversities using his own experiences.

This event for our school was transformational and we would highly recommend him to any other school/after school program/youth group/club etc. that is thinking about getting a motivational speaker geared toward connecting with their youth. Michael truly is an inspiration and his messages genuinely reached our students in meaningful and transformative ways.

Alex R

Alex R

The Bellcate School

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