About Me

My Attitude Overcomes

Three simple words that change the way we see our trials and tribulations
My name is Michael Olivieri and I have overcome a life filled with severe adversity. From an early age I had to deal with alcoholic and drug addicted parents who were abusive to each other as well as myself. Diagnosed early on with severe ADD, I was placed in hyperactive schools and labeled as below average intellect.

When my mother got into another abusive relationship, the mans abuse of me led me to entering foster care for three years. In those three years, I was placed in 10 different foster homes. When I came out of foster care the abuse and neglect did not end.

I had to deal with my mothers addictions and extreme lack of parenting. Before the age of 32 I had to deal with the death of my father to cirrhosis of the liver (I was 17), the death of my mother to AIDS related complications (I was 28) and my best friend (and most stable relationship in my life) passing away of cancer when I was 31. Despite the tremendous odds stacked against me, I became part of just 2% of the population.

Only 2% of kids who were in foster care have never been to jail and obtained a bachelors degree. I graduated a major university Magna Cum Laude and travel across the country spreading my story of perseverance and never giving up despite the tremendous odds. Thousands of case workers, foster & as-risk teenagers and foster parents have heard my message.