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While the biggest group would be foster children. My message of inspiration covers a wide range of groups.
Children who have been:

• In foster care

• Bullied

• Poor

• Dealing with alcoholic or drug addicted parents/siblings

• Dealing with the death of loved ones

Or anyone else who just feels trapped with no way out of their current situation.

My pains’ purpose is to empower others to overcome their circumstances and achieve a sense of self pride.
I have overcome:

• Alcohol & Drug addicted parents

• Homelessness

• Extreme Poverty

• Family abandonment

• Physical & Mental abuse

• Bullying

• Multiple foster home placements

There are very few positive examples for foster children as most become products of the prison system or victims to perpetuating their past events in their future. These foster children need to establish an expectation of optimism in their life, but finding the strength, courage and conviction to do so can overwhelm them based on their current situation.

Most of these children have never been told that their current circumstances don’t dictate their future outcomes and by using the shared pain of our pasts we can and will overcome

It depends on the circumstance.

While doing bigger presentations to high schools, they can range from 45-90 minutes depending on the time allotted.

I have made impactful presentations that were 20 minutes long.

It is entirely up to the organization and the time they need me to present.

When I decided to start this journey and share my experiences, the first thing I knew was I would never hold my message ransom for money.

The message I have to convey is more important than the financial constraints organizations are under to constantly “do more with less.”

Therefore, I work on a donation basis, whatever your organization can afford to pay me, that is what my fee is.  All travel expenses are still required.  



1 hour presentation (up to)

Q/A Session

Travel Expenses

Extended leg room coach airfare    |      $50/day car rental

$95/day hotel accommodations     |      $55/day meal allowance

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